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  • How can municipalities get in touch with Tech 45 for inquiries or consultations?
    Check out our Contact Us page, or give us a call or send an email: 818-900-4076
  • What is the process for transitioning to Tech 45 for airport operations?
    Initial Contact: Begin by reaching out to us. We offer a complimentary evaluation of your airport, utilizing publicly available information and insights you provide during a brief 20-minute conversation. Comprehensive Proposal: If interested, we present a detailed proposal to your municipality. This includes a separate pricing and technical package, providing a comprehensive overview of the solutions Tech 45 can offer. You'll have the freedom to choose from various options to elevate your airport operations. City Council or Commission Presentation: Upon request, we are open to making presentations to your city council or commission before moving forward. We believe it's crucial for the city to understand our company's approach and methodologies. Request for Proposal (RFP): We understand the importance of creating an RFP in some municipalities and fully support this process. While we believe Tech 45 is likely the right choice, we prioritize what's best for your airport and city. If there's a better option, we encourage you to explore it without any hindrance from us.
  • Can Tech 45 collaborate with municipalities that have specific needs or challenges?
    Absolutely! We operate in an "a la carte" style, allowing flexibility in our collaboration. Whether you need us as consultants or require assistance with specific operations, or if you prefer comprehensive management of your entire airport, we can tailor our services to meet your specific needs and challenges.
  • How does Tech 45 ensure transparency and ethical excellence in its operations?
    At Tech 45, transparency is our cornerstone. We pride ourselves on a 100% ethical service that operates with complete openness. We have no hidden agendas, and our decisions are entirely divorced from any financial gains. Unlike some providers, we don't manipulate fuel prices or profit from airport services like hangar rents. Even when offering amenities such as a pilots lounge and refreshments, all profits go back to the airport. Our revenue is earned by ensuring your satisfaction and keeping you as a valued customer on contract.
  • What benefits can municipalities expect from partnering with Tech 45 for airport management?
    Revenue Direct to the Municipality: All profits go to the city; Tech 45 and other entities receive no financial gain. Hands-Off Operations: Enjoy complete hands-off airport operations, reducing the time city personnel spend on HR duties, financial reporting, and airport maintenance. 100-Year Education: Benefit from a century of combined experience, ensuring informed decisions and effective representation for your airport. Seasoned Decision-Makers: The person making decisions for your airport is an airport manager, pilot, aircraft owner, FAA-certified aircraft inspector and mechanic, and hangar owner. The entire team brings extensive experience from various aviation fields. Enhanced Community Involvement: Tech 45 actively engages the local community with the airport, fostering increased involvement through volunteering opportunities, school contests, and partnerships with organizations like the EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association). Inspiring Future Aviators: Tech 45 is passionate about fostering higher community involvement, especially among local kids. We actively engage the youth through volunteering opportunities, local school contests, and by making the airport an appealing space for groups like the EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association). Our aim is to inspire and introduce the next generation to the exciting world of aviation.
  • What sets Tech 45 apart from traditional airport management services?
    Traditionally, small airports face challenges in securing qualified personnel to effectively manage their operations, leading to frustrations for aviation tenants and headaches for the city, given the specialized nature of the field. Tech 45 brings a wealth of experience, with over 100 years of combined expertise among our employees and consultants dedicated to your airport. This ensures you benefit from seasoned professionals, allowing you to compete on par with larger airports. While some municipalities opt for an FBO (fixed-base operator) to handle airport operations, this often means sacrificing profits, leaving the city with a financial burden. Tech 45 operates as a dedicated team, offering extensive experience without the hefty price tag of a single, similarly qualified individual. Unlike an FBO, all airport profits flow back to the airport and the city. With us, you have access to a top-tier airport management team, including specialist consultants, without the substantial cost. Plus, you won't have to worry about groundskeeping – we've got it covered.
  • What daily airport operations does Tech 45 manage?
    Tech 45 manages all airport operations, providing full-service options. You can relax and receive reports on airport performance, covering fueling operations, lease management, grounds keeping, and more.
  • What support does Tech 45 provide for airport lease management and rental tracking?
    Tech 45 simplifies lease management by handling the entire process. We receive all payments, manage collections, and provide the city with a consolidated monthly income check along with supporting invoices and receipts.
  • How does Tech 45 streamline communication with engineering professionals?
    Tech 45 serves as a dedicated liaison, ensuring timely and accurate information is conveyed to engineering firms, and that the airport is represented commensurate with the expectations of the city. We act as your ally, consistently representing your municipality professionally and making decisions that align with the long-term goals of your community.
  • How does Tech 45 handle FAA and DOT compliance?
    Tech 45 conducts an initial assessment of the airport, identifying all DOT, FAA, and other federal, state, and local regulatory requirements. We schedule and handle all compliance aspects, guiding the city through necessary steps for any city-involved requirements.
  • What HR services does Tech 45 offer, and how does it handle staffing and training for airport personnel?
    Tech 45 provides comprehensive HR services, including staffing, payroll, and training for airport personnel. We discuss these aspects in detail before taking over the airport, ensuring a seamless transition that frees up time and resources for city personnel.
  • What services does Tech 45 offer?
    Tech 45 Airport Management provides a range of services designed to enhance airport operations and contribute to community development. Our offerings include comprehensive solutions for daily airport operations, regulatory navigation, human resources, strategic development, infrastructure management, marketing impact, community events, Capital Improvement Program (CIP) development, and engineering liaison services. Additionally, we offer customized solutions tailored to the unique needs of each municipality, ensuring that airports thrive as valuable community assets.
  • What are the key components of Tech 45's strategic planning approach?
    Our primary focus is airport sustainability, ensuring it operates with minimal or, ideally, zero external funding. This approach prevents the airport from becoming a burden to municipal taxpayers and positions it as an economic asset. We take a comprehensive approach, examining the airport, local demographics, and aviation community needs. Our guidance is tailored to the airport's capacity to meet these needs or introduce new capabilities to benefit the local community.
  • How does Tech 45 assist in developing short, medium, and long-term airport development plans?
    One of the biggest benefits of having Tech 45 represent your airport is that we are completely invested in its short- and long-term success. We have nothing to gain by sitting stagnant! We have had great success representing the city and airport to engineering firms, who typically are solely concerned with spending grant money as quickly as possible to get their cut. We plan for a profitable, sustainable future for the airport, keeping in mind safety and practicality along the way. We only spend money when it makes sense, and we do our very best to earn discretionary grant money to help the airport grow. Our success in this area can be seen in examples such as the acquisition of maintenance equipment and large grants for airport upgrades of all types.
  • What is Tech 45's role in overseeing airport infrastructure, maintenance, and development?
    Tech 45 maintains an intimate relationship with the airport, conducting regular inspections to identify infrastructure, maintenance, and development needs. We proactively address these requirements, ensuring the airport is always on the leading edge of the region's aviation needs.
  • How does Tech 45 guide airports through Capital Improvement Programs (CIP) development?
    Traditionally, municipalities rely on engineering firms for CIP development, but we've recognized a conflict of interest in this approach. Many engineering firms prioritize spending government grants quickly to secure their share, potentially overlooking the airport's long-term needs. Tech 45 offers unbiased guidance to help cities make informed decisions, ensuring that airport funds are strategically used for meaningful and impactful upgrades or maintenance, ultimately benefiting both the airport and the city.
  • What types of community events does Tech 45 plan to enhance engagement?
    Tech 45 organizes events tailored for both aviation enthusiasts and local residents. Our fly-ins, cookouts, and other gatherings aim to involve the local community, fostering a sense of connection with their airport in a fun and educational atmosphere.
  • How does Tech 45 contribute to airport visibility through advertising and marketing initiatives?
    Tech 45 enhances airport visibility through a multi-faceted approach. We design and maintain dedicated websites for each airport, cultivate and manage social media presence, advertise airport events, and actively represent the airport at local events. This comprehensive strategy ensures effective communication with the local community, utilizing both online platforms and direct, word-of-mouth interactions for optimal airport awareness.
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